Just Because We All Like Mac DeMarco Doesn’t Mean He Had One Of The Best Albums Of The Year

Say you’re in high school. Say you scored 87% on a test. You earned a B. But, the teacher likes you because you show up on time and you always do your homework, so he gives you an A instead.

That’s exactly what’s happening with the “Best Albums of The Year” lists. Publications include albums from bands they like, simply because that band happened to release an album that year. Case in point:

I like The Men; Tomorrow’s Hits wasn’t a great album.

I like Mac DeMarco; Salad Days wasn’t a great album.

I like Real Estate; Atlas wasn’t a great album

I like Beck; Morning Phase wasn’t a great album

I like Weezer; Everything Will Be Alright In The End wasn’t a great album

I like the Black Keys; Turn Blue wasn’t a great album

St. Vincent had a great album; Against Me! had a great album; Ex Hex had a great album; Cloud Nothings had a great album. I must also point out that the rock albums topping these lists are from male-fronted bands, with songs written by men, with the exception of Jenny Lewis, Against Me! and St. Vincent. I personally am not a huge Perfect Pussy fan but I could argue that they had an extremely important (beyond great) album this year.

Some of the bands that should be on these lists but mostly weren’t are Cayetana, Chumped and Modern Baseball (although, props to Stereogum for pointing to Chumped, proving that once again they’re the only big music outlet worth reading)

could this have just been a Facebook post? Sure. whatever, forever.


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